Luxton Construction


Vancouver, BC


Graphic Design, Website Design


Logo Design, Business Cards,
T-Shirt Design

About This Project

As a new company, Luxton required a corporate identity that would establish their presence as a significant contender in the construction sector. Their vision entailed a branding image characterized by sophistication and professionalism. Alongside crafting their corporate brand, we designed their logo, business cards, and developed a company website.

Branding & Logo Design

  • To get Luxton Construction started, Boyce Design began by carefully choosing brand colours. Picking the right palette helped establish Luxton’s identity and adds versatility to all future designs.
  • Once the light and dark blue brand colours were established we designed a simple yet memorable corporate logo. The double “L” represented roadways & infrastructure which play into Luxton’s work in the construction industry.

Website Design

  • Next steps involved creating the website. We created Luxton’s first website in 2018, second one in 2020 and their latest re-design in 2023. Luxton started to take off and needed a website that would showcase their growth and show themselves as a market leader in the construction industry.

Graphic Design

  • We have designed varoius promotional materials for Luxton, from t-shirt designs to signage.

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