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Promotions , Onboarding & Training Videos

Boyce Design provides businesses and organizations with affordable, quality video marketing. Whether your objectives call for engaging infographics, compelling promotional content, or informative videos, we possess the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment required to craft the perfect video marketing solution tailored to your needs.

What is a promotional video, and why is it essential?

A promotional video, also known as a branded video, serves as a powerful tool to introduce or rejuvenate the image of your brand, product, or service to your target audience. Unlike traditional marketing materials like flyers, articles, or posters, promotional videos enable you to not only tell but also visually demonstrate the value of your offering in an engaging manner. Videos leave a lasting impression on customers, helping them form a more favorable perception of your product. Our proficiency in crafting such compelling videos makes us your ideal partner in delivering impactful visual messages. Let us bring your vision to life!

90% of users say that product videos are helpful in their decision making.

Are you interested in exploring other video options?

We also specialize in producing onboarding and training videos designed for internal use within businesses. Say goodbye to your conventional PowerPoint presentations and transition to engaging animated videos that captivate your employees' attention. Choose Boyce Design and take your business to the next level.

Video Services Offered:

We specialize in creating: product videos, introduction videos, product launch videos, event videos, explainer videos, video ads, recruitment videos, FAQ videos, and testimonial videos. Elevating a promotional video to the forefront of your marketing strategy is essential for boosting sales and attracting new customers. Embarking on your digital marketing journey without a promotional video is an opportunity missed.
Onboarding videos serve as essential tools for employee orientations, offering new hires a comprehensive understanding of the company they're joining. These videos convey crucial details about the company's mission, work, core values, and other valuable insights. Often, companies rely on outdated PowerPoint presentations for their onboarding process. Boyce Design can transform your conventional onboarding PowerPoint into a captivating video that not only retains your employees' attention but also ignites their enthusiasm for their new roles within your organization.
Fresh, updated content is more engaging for employees. Outdated or repetitive training materials can lead to disengagement and reduced learning effectiveness. Our team can align the visual style of the training videos with your organization's branding, ensuring a cohesive and professional look and feel. Beyond the initial production, Boyce Design can provide ongoing support for updates, additional training modules, or any other video-related needs your organization may have.

At Boyce Design, we recognize the importance of tailored web solutions. We craft industry-specific websites that not only bolster your credibility but also provide a competitive edge. Our goal is to empower your business or organization to generate leads, drive sales, and elevate your brand's value in the eyes of your audience. Your website should be a dynamic tool that works tirelessly to support your goals and aspirations.

Common Questions Asked

It depends on what your marketing goals are but we recommend product demos, customer testimonials, explainer videos, to name a few.

The timeline for completion varies based on several factors. For instance, crafting a 10-minute onboarding video, particularly if it involves graphics and voiceovers, may take approximately 2-3 weeks to finalize. Conversely, a social media video promo post can often be delivered within a matter of days. We encourage you to reach out to us directly so that we can collaborate with you to accommodate your specific project timelines effectively.

Do you charge per hour or by project?

We charge per project for video marketing.

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Do you serve clients in other cities and provinces?

Absolutely! Boyce Design serves clients across Canada, spanning from Vancouver, BC, to St. John's, NFLD.

Whether you're near or far, our team is adept at discussing projects over the phone or via Zoom calls, a preference shared by many of our clients, even when they're located in the same city.

Your convenience and effective communication are our priorities. We discuss projects over the phone or on a Zoom call for out-of-town clients. Most of our clients prefer meeting up this way, even if they are in town. 

Yes, we are a Canadian business, local to Edmonton, Alberta.

Internally, we have switched to a “work from home” model and meet up with each other on Zoom calls and for events.

Our communication with clients is usually over the phone, but we meet with them at their request. We are always a phone call away should you need any design help.

We accept payments in the form of credit cards, email money transfers through your bank, and cash.

Yes. A 50% deposit (of the total quoted project cost) is due once you receive your invoice to secure a spot on our calendar. The remaining balance is due upon completion.

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