If I have a Facebook page, do I need a website?

If I have a Facebook page, do I need a website? The answer is YES! Although there are many advantages to having a Facebook page, and many businesses rely on social media platforms as their primary advertising channel, social media pages should not replace a business website.

A website is more credible

Even though a Facebook page is an excellent platform for connecting with customers, it is still a social media platform. Anyone can create a Facebook page and populate it with data for free. Still, some people create fake businesses and purchase thousands of likes and reviews to make users believe they are legitimate and reputable businesses. When you build a website, you need to invest money into it, which deters people who are in it for a quick buck. A scammer will not want to invest in a website when they can get away with a free Facebook page just fine. A Facebook page that leads to a website gives instant credibility to your potential customers.

Facebook has branding limitations

You can never truly brand your Facebook page, the Facebook “blue” will always dominate your page design. You can customize your page by adding your logo to your profile photo and uploading a branded banner, but that’s just about it. No matter how much you customize your page, Facebook controls how customers see and interact with your page. A website will give you more control over your brand, user experience, and potential customers’ perception of your business.

"We are not recommending you choose a website over Facebook. We are saying that Facebook should not replace your website, Facebook should complement it!"

- Julia Boyce, Boyce Design Founder

You need more than one marketing channel

While Facebook is a great way to market your business, it should not be your sole marketing channel. Facebook and other social media platforms should support your website, not replace it. We recommend you have active social media accounts depending on your target markets (Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram), Paid Google ads, and a solid email marketing strategy that all push to your website. Your website is the perfect centerpiece for all your marketing channels.

Google holds the largest market share of online searches

Google dominates search engine use, with a 93.37% percent market share, a statistic Facebook doesn’t even come close to reaching. With over 95% of searches done through Google, Bing, and Yahoo, it’s a no-brainer that you need to be searchable on Google. You can attain a top position on Google searches by having a properly built website for Google to crawl and position accordingly on search engines.

In conclusion, Facebook pages are valuable to your business. Everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook. Facebook boasts 2.96 billion active users every month, which makes Facebook the most used social media platform worldwide. 

If you are ready to build a website for your business, we are more than happy to quote your project. We have various website plans and packages available to our customers. 

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