Why brochures are an effective marketing tool

A brochure is a promotional document introducing a company, products, or services and informing prospective customers of the benefits. As the world has gone primarily digital, some businesses might feel no need for brochures anymore. We are here to tell you that brochures are still an effective marketing tool that gives your potential customers the impression that your business is professional, reliable, and committed to quality. 

Here are five reasons why brochures are an effective marketing tool.


Brochures make a great networking tool for events and trade shows; unlike banners or posters, a brochure is a document that can travel many places. Brochures can be handed out after talking to potential customers – they are cheap to distribute and can specifically target your market.

Cost Effective

Compared with other marketing options, the relatively low cost of producing brochures adds to a company’s value. Most printing companies will give you a lower bulk rate if you purchase the brochures in bulk. Considering the cost per sheet, brochures are a relatively inexpensive form of marketing for your business.

"Boyce Design understands design fundamentals and can help you create a brochure that looks great and enables you to achieve your goals."

- Julia Boyce, Boyce Design Founder

Communicate effectively

With creative design strategies, brochures can hold much information in an easily digestible series of pages. Customers, especially those more likely to use your services or buy your products, will be thrilled to learn as much as possible about your business before doing business with you. Custom designing a brochure for your company sends a clear message to your customers that you are an established business that invests in its branding.

Walking map designed for Camperdown Meadows distributed on-site to potential buyers by Boyce Design.

Comprehensive Marketing Tool

A brochure holds enough space for you to add key information about your business, such as:
  • Overview of your company
  • Products, services, and prices
  • Business logo
  • Benefits of working with your company
  • Contact info
  • Discounts, coupons, or the latest deals

Build Trust

When you share information with potential customers in your brochure that detail what you care about as a business and how you plan to treat each of your customers as well as your objectives and goals, you build trust with everyone who reads it. Brochures also tell customers you are an honest company with reliable credentials and dependable business values and practices. Some clients want to see evidence of experience before they do business with a company, and a brochure is just that!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t start using a brochure as a marketing tool. At least give yourself a chance to deliver a high-quality, informative brochure to potential customers, as it won’t break the bank. A well-designed and well-written brochure can help sell your company. Add a brochure to your marketing mix to grow as a business and connect with more customers.

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